Instead of New Year Resolutions

When setting New Year Resolutions just doesn’t meet your needs…


With all the talk of New Year Resolutions or goals, and all the negativity that comes from them, I wanted to take a moment and say a little something…

New Years Resolutions/Goals are exactly what you make them. If the idea of setting goals or resolutions for a year doesn’t appeal to you, then don’t. Don’t be pressured into making a list that will add to your current stress. If you like the idea of making changes and the start of the new year is good timing, then use the opportunity. Use all the good vibes and energy to move you to make improvements in your life. If someone asks what your resolutions/goals are tell them if you want to. If not, it’s not their business.


Here’s what I am doing this year. I don’t have a goal or resolution, but a focus. I want to spend this year on improving a few areas of my life. I’m not setting a goal that I must obtain at some point by some date this year because I don’t feel that it will add value to my life. More than likely, it will add stress and disappointment. I also believe that things that bring value to our lives is fluid. Something that seems relevant in January may not be in June. Now if I had a specific date that I needed to finish something, then I would put a date on it, otherwise it seems arbitrary.

Things I want to focus on this year:

  1. Diet – I’ve been on an ant-inflammatory diet since November to help some chronic pain I’ve had since a back injury in 2015. To date, chronic long term daily pain is non existent as long as I follow the diet. I want to improve how well I stick to it and not mindlessly eat food items that will cause pain.
  2. Exercise – I want to improve my exercise habits so that I feel stronger.
  3. De-clutter – I often feel stressed out about how much stuff I haveĀ  that I don’t use. Listening to the Minimalists has really helped me see that this is contributing negatively to my life instead.

These are areas in my life that I want to improve on, so I’m choosing to focus on those areas. Actually, I started all three of these before the new year, but they are still important to me and I feel they would add value to my life. I don’t want to add stress by putting a due date on these improvements, mostly because these all seem like ongoing habits I’m trying to build that will be apart of my lifestyle. There is no point to de-cluttering if I plan to stop and let clutter build up again.

What is your relationship to New Year Resolutions/Goals? Are you working to bring more value into your life this year?


Author: Amanda the Writer

Eclectic writer, coffee and tea drinker, student of learning and knowledge.

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