Coffee and Writing

The idea that coffee and writing goes hand in hand, but does it really?


I’ve been writing for years now, and drinking coffee. The idea that coffee and writing goes hand in hand, but does it really? What is it about the stereotypical writer sitting in a coffee shop with their notebook writing with a steaming aromatic cup of joe always within reach?


Some people opt for tea instead of coffee, but that topic is for another day. There is no end to the possibilities when discussing tea. Back to the topic of the day. Coffee. Some enthusiasts believe that there is only one way to make a cup of coffee. A mug and hot coffee: no sugar, no cream, no additives at all. Other enthusiasts will try just about any combination once. With all the possibilities, it is hard to get into the world of life altering delicious coffee.

I must admit, there is something inspiring about sitting at a favorite spot with my preferred writing tools (paper and pen or my trusty laptop) sipping on a cup of coffee. There is an immediate dissipation of all stress in my life. Combine this with my TG Lurgen music mix on YouTube, and I don’t have a care in the world unless it involves writing.

When I walk into a coffee shop, I instantly get overwhelmed. I’m not a connoisseur of coffee. Honestly, I make my own coffee at home and just throw together a great combination of ingredients that I will never be able to exactly replicate again. I can stand in front of the menu and read the variations of lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, frappuccinos, and brews and not have a clue about most of it. I usually stick to macchiatos or frappuccinos depending on whether I want hot or cold.

I think it is time to go on a coffee adventure to discover all the great flavors of coffee.

What about you? Let me know if you are an expert or novice coffee drinker. What is your go to drink for writing?

First blog post

New(ish) Year, New Habits.

Happy (late… very late) New Year!

With the new year, I have decided to change a few things up and try to recommit to blogging. While I am four months late, keeping a blog current is a goal for this year and future years to come.

I have a lot of ideas for blog posts, but I also have a lot of writing ideas. Among all those writing ideas, I have a few goals for this year. I’m not going to reveal what they are just yet, but I have big plans this year.

Until next time, stay strong, stay a survivor.